Westminster Shorter Catechism - Intermediate

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  • 111 copywork pages
  • $4.00 each
  • Intermediate Level

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 Each of these pages is a question and answer from the Westminster Shorter Catechism (WSC).  There are 107 questions in the WSC and 111 pages of copywork (a few of the answers were too long to fit onto one page).  The copywork (labeled I for intermediate) is ideal for a student who is comfortable with writing and does not need guidance in letter placement.  The words are placed directly above each line and the lines are approximately the size of the lines on wide-ruled paper.

These pages would be a perfect complement to any child's study of the 17th century, the Bible, or English history.  The questions and answers will be thought provoking, challenging, and beneficial for your student.  This copywork pack would be espeically helpful if your child is planning on memorizing the WSC.  Please note that the original language has been preserved so there are some accounts of Old English words like 'doth.'

Copywork is a fantastic way to help your child master reading, penmanship, grammar, and spelling all at the same time, simply and subtly.  I hope you and your child enjoy using this copywork pack together!

These pages are designed to be printed out for your child to write on.  Feel free to contact me or to leave a comment if you have any questions!

Sample Pages: (click on an image to enlarge it)

$4.00 - 111 copywork pages

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