Understanding Copywork eBook

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Do you use copywork in your homeschool, but sometimes wonder why?


Have you heard of copywork, but never used it before?


Are you wondering if you should continue using copywork since your child is getting older?


If any of those scenarios describes your family, 

this this ebook is for you!  

Here is what you will find in Understanding Copywork:

  • What is copywork?
  • Why I love copywork.  8 great benefits of using this age-old method.
  • How to use copywork at each stage of your child's schooling
  • Where to find copywork.  Dozens of sources of copywork, here at Classical Copywork and across the web.
  • FAQ about copywork
  • Practical tips and  testimonials

But that's not all!


To thank you for purchasing Understanding Copywork, and to help you along on your copywork journey, you will also receive:

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Are you ready to learn more about copywork and how to use it effectively in your homeschool?
  • 28 pages
  • $2.99  
  • Plus bonuses that can more than cover the cost of the book!