I created my first copywork pack over 4 years ago, in the summer of 2012.  At that point I was creating pages to use with my oldest child, and had no idea that it would one day turn into a business.  I looked through the fonts already installed on my computer, picked the one I thought was best, and started typing!

After a while I realized it would also be good to have cursive copywork pages.  By that time I had learned a little more about fonts and knew that free fonts were available to download online.  I searched for the best free cursive font I could find, and got back to making more copywork packs!

In all honesty, the fonts were not perfect, but they were the best I could do at the time and they got the job done.

Fast forward to May 2015.  My husband and I took Classical Copywork to the INCH Homeschool Convention in Michigan as a vendor.  I kept having people come up to our booth saying that they had just heard Andrew Pudewa (from Institute for Excellence in Writing) speak and that he was touting the benefits of copywork, especially cursive copywork.

Near the end of the conference, I saw Mr. Pudewa walk toward the Classical Copywork booth.  He introduced himself and wanted to look at my copywork.  He was happy to see what we were doing for the benefit of the homeschooling community, but he said he noticed a few things that he didn’t love about our cursive font. (I agreed!)

He mentioned to me that IEW had recently created their own font and that I should look into getting it.  To make a long story short, after many questions and emails back and forth with the good folks at IEW and Educational Fontware, I am excited to announce that:

Classical Copywork will now be using the IEW Printscript and Cursive fonts!

This change will take place gradually.  All new copywork packs will be done in this new font.
Old copywork packs will slowly be converted to the new font.  As you shop, look for this
symbol to signify that the copywork pack is in the IEW font.

The biggest change has to do with how the letters connect to each other and how the first letter of words begin.  This font was crafted beautifully to adapt it’s shape depending on which letter it is placed next to, making it a great, clean, simple example for children to follow

I am very excited for this new change and I hope that you will be happy with it as well!