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What is Elementary Copywork?

What is Elementary Copywork?

Here at Classical Copywork, the Elementary is ideal for a young writer who has the basics down and is ready for lots of practice!  The lines are 3/8 in tall with a dashed mid-line to help your child position his letters correctly.  The lines for your children to write...

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What is Beginner Copywork?

What is Beginner Copywork?

  Here at Classical Copywork, the Beginner level is ideal for any child who is just learning to write or who is not yet ready to move to smaller lines.  These lines are about 5/8 inch tall with a mid-line to help your child position his letters correctly.  The...

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Free Weekly Copywork!

Free Weekly Copywork!

Would you like a free page of copywork sent to your email every week? Would you like discount codes for copywork packs here at Classical Copywork? Simply click the picture above and enter your email address to receive one free copywork page and one discount code (for...

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